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Date Posted:12-08-2021 3:40 AMCopy HTML

You Should Not Follow Those Outdated Unripe Guru, Spiritual Teachers Who Living In Himalaya Mountain

Each era, each timeline have it own unique way to archive the Nirvana State.
Through various novels, history, I can see that most of those beings many called as guru, spiritual teachers who are living in Tibet, Himalaya mountain range are just like most people who only know to blind follow others and trying to “copy” old teachings/lessons.
The only thing make them difference from others is some of them have many called as “super ability”. But that is because many “chose” to put their body to the limit by stop eating/drinking for long time, and that is very easy to do it for everybody as long as they have strong will power.

Many of them have some difference philosophy about life but are all wrong. Some clear examples in real life such as “we are all one”, “black live matter”, “lgbt gay less”, etc.
All are bullshit and rubbish because they are “obey” others and they do not know how to use their brain mindset to think to criticize but only “blame, accept” everything occur in life is because of “destiny”, which is obviously outdated and wrong !

Even though there are some mystery about that Himalaya mountain range location, but you should not waste time to think about it, because you can archive the Nirvana State of life in any where on Earth as long as you know how to use your brain to obtain the right truth knowledge of life.

And even super power, super ability you can obtained easily by put yourself to break the limit, but that is not the ultimate purpose of life and the “right” way to pass the game of life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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