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Date Posted:29-09-2021 12:55 AMCopy HTML

You Must Understand 2 Major Objective On Evolution Journey: Money Wealth vs Longevity Immortality

Objective Objective Objective Living !
Most people do not either have any clear objective in life or pick it wrong.

On almost every people’s ascension evolution journey, there are always only 2 real goal they need to understand it clearly: money wealth and health longervity immortality.

Money Wealth
There is no need to talk about this objective because everyone was taught and learned they need to earn money to have a better life.
But the problem is that people need to understand this:
– The more real money you need to spend on life mean the more “rely” you needed on others, which mean the more “weak” of you. So the less you care about money is always the betters.
– The rich money you have is because you “deceive” others by the “buy low sell high” technique. No matter what you said and what you done, it’s always the 99% way of getting rich. The people with/have little more knowledge deceive the others.
– People often “follow/learn” the money richer method to “make money”, but only because they “knew” who is rich who is poor via the existence of physical matters.
But that’s rule that mindset do not apply on the hardest part of the evolution journey: longevity immortality.

The money wealth subject I am not talking about anymore because everybody know how it work, and I am also provided the way to end the global public conflict via new economy system.

Longevity Immortality
All kind of super power, super ability, magical, spiritual connections, illusion knowledge wisdom theory philosophy ideology of any things are worthless and such a waste of time if it does not increase your longevity !
Since ancient times, the subject of “longevity immortality” is always the ultimate desire of all living beings. But what is really true about it?

Immortality mean you have fully obtain the Nirvana state of mind, and in many sacred old teaching/book, it clearly states you can only obtain that by yourself by self-learning.
You cannot “copy” from others like making money because it is not a “method”, but a mystery.
So many stupid beings said to me that: they only believe in me as the real savior Messiah Buddha if I can “prove” that I am the immortality beings.

The fact is that even the Money King in “Journey To The West” movie which can show you all kind of super ability/magical but still chasing for that, then how to “prove”.

Your friend bank account matter or your own personal bank account matter more?
A person with no money but can help you increase your bank account worth vs the one with endless money but do not tell you, do not show you, do not help you increase your bank account, which one is more valuable ?

That’s same rule apply to the Longevity Immortality subject too.
You need to seek help from any who can “claim” able to help you live longer via legal way (not do harm to other beings), you cannot forever wait beings able to “prove” immortality (while you even do not have any metric). But sadly many stupid entities are still using that low level mindset and hope the savior Messiah will come and help them.

If you treat “Immortality” as a cultivation farming journey, then the first objective you need to gain is know how to live more than 100-200 years first.

You cannot hope and except a miracle jump from 100 years old to immortality instantly without have any “cultivate/farming” knowledge wisdom experience.

If a human body is a vehicle, then every other livings are all the vehicles to.
Then you will have a life system operating similar to the daily life traffic vehicle of cars, bikes, planes, etc. because people always moving/upgrading/downgrading every single second.

Will you able to tell which vehicle will last and run forever so you can “copy/learn” from?!
It is impossible.
So you better forget about “copy/learn” any method from immortality.

The most realistic goal of you to do is seeking help, open your mind and listen to any beings who claim able to help you increase longevity.
But even then, how many people/beings have ever public “claim” able to help live to more than 200 years to immortality?
Well you can answer it by yourself.

I knew it all, I have it all but none of you believe in, especially the rich group/controllers people, not even give a try, how funny and idiots.

Do you know throughout history, many “strongest physical” beings/groups are vanished by the “weather (aka divine force) but the “weaker” one survive !!!

I have done and satisfy with my articles about all the geopolitics involve in all matter of money wealth economy, so no more about that topic.

Depend on the climate and mood, the next final push about health longevity immortality subject and teaching could be open or not, but surely it not going to share publicly freely online like the physical matter money wealth.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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