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Date Posted:20-08-2021 3:22 AMCopy HTML

You Must Choose Your Ascension Path Either Become ASlave Or Stand Alone Nirvana Beings

The low levelpeople like almost everybody on Earth with narrow mindset will expectsome deities come to help them.
But from highest level ofexistence on the Universe, they are in fact chose to be a “slave”from others and will never able to understand the eternal lifesecret.

If you want some “evidence” about thatstatement then just read/watch “Journey To The West” movie/novel,you will see that all members of the “Gautama Buddha” cannot“defeat” a special half-bird-half-human beings. It is becausethey still do not fully know the secret of life and still not yetreach the Nirvana State.

The path of become a fullyNirvana Beings is very tough because it only about whether you ableto conquer yourself or not, it has nothing to do with others.

Buteither way, whether you want to become path of any club with the“nirvana state” beings as a leadership like Gautama Buddha, orbecome independent nirvana beings like me the Messiah Buddha, thenyou still have to gain knowledge, wisdom of life not only on Earthbut the whole Universe as well.

That is the only two majorascension road way can help you become really “immortal” beings,all other paths cannot help you !

Best Regard,
TheSavior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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