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Date Posted:14-09-2021 3:12 AMCopy HTML

You Cannot Evolve If You Gambling Your Life Like The COVID Luck Dice War Between Nations

Recently I saw some video talk about the cover of the Economist predicted the world in 2019, 2020, 2021.
It is very easy to decode it entirely for me.
– The conflict between nations, various big families, secret groups lead to the current COVID virus pandemic event.
– They do not know what to do next in life, so instead of seeking for the solution from everybody, they are blind following the Bible prophecy at the end time, in hope for the “Messiah” appear.
– The COVID cases, vaccine in each nations depend on gambling dice war, not depend on any real life diseases. Some nations will “safe” and some will “dangerous” base on the stupid gambling game.
Sound crazy but that is what exactly is going on.

There is a supply and demand rule of life like business, if there is no demand so there is no supply.
But that basic rule they do not know and do not understand.
I as the real savior Messiah Buddha is not have any interested in their life, their world because I have fully obtain the Nirvana state and that is enough.

If the rich money people do not care about the life of poor slum people, so as the super gods do not care about those stupid idiots mortal humans, except some low level gods.

Even if they ask me for help now, I still need some times some space to turn in the highest state of mind to have the best possible solution because everything have cause and effect. The reason is that there is no demand, so the real supply is really appear yet.

Back in the ascension journey, you must believe in yourself as a powerful Gods and capable to anything.
You cannot “gambling” and wait for other help, you must use your mindset to help you.
Because gambling, rely for natural forces and others only lead to natural disaster and sad ending.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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