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Date Posted:30-08-2021 8:01 AMCopy HTML

Understanding The World, Life Through Example Of Technology, Internet, Websites

If you want to have better view, better understand about what is going on in this world then you should compare it with technology, internet, websites because it is very similar.

The modern matrix online world with technology, internet & websites.
Everybody start at the same page as a novice user.
Then you have internet and websites, server, database.

Most so call national government are pretty much like administrators of some big websites.
They are fighting for that illusion webpage for whatever reason like profit, prime, influence, control others.

You also have many big websites controlled by many commercial companies as well.

Then the people wake up and want to have their own personal websites to show the world who they are and for experience of life.

Many people still using big group & government owned social media website and try to gain followers.
But a smart small group of people want to create their own website from scratch, it is a hard job but the reward are great. Here I mean personal individual people.

So big national governments and their sleepy employees don’t want that happen because they think it is going to “cost” their business, a various bad methods was used from hack to ddos, to lie, etc.

Finally it is battle between websites controlled by various beings, groups, entities.
The real result from heaven is always clear: content is king, the cover is just the cover.

Which like the mind is everything, if you want to be the winner you must become you, become unique beings, do not try to “copy” others.

The world is always developing with both stupid and smart people appear at the same time, there is no need to worry about “competitors” or “followers”.

But the stupid national government don’t understand that is the the way of life, thus they are trying to “enslave” others for illusion title. While few others “scared” of hacking from the big one, which is nonsense since they cannot “hack, ddos” forever.

The goal of life is have their own personal individual websites but few people able to understand to know that, including those stupid “administrators” of those big websites.

At the end of the day, if you want to grow to evolve, you must try to have your own personal website to understand about life, then finally you will realize the most important is content which is your mindset, not any illusion title, the cover.

You can continue develop and able to adding more ingredients and comparison with my article above for bigger view, the main original idea is there, I don’t want to waste more time to think and write for it is meaningless to me.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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