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Date Posted:11-09-2021 7:57 AMCopy HTML

The Virus Pandemic COVID War Is About Society Life System Evolution, Not About Human Health

The on going virus pandemic is all about society life system evolution, it has nothing to do with human health.

The current life society system of most nations are outdated, and not able to really “help” the public people to evolve any more.

But in the corona virus COVID war between nations, you can see a clear 2 groups:
– Group 1 are smart nations who know the purpose of life, purpose of government and the development of civilization, such as Japan, Sweden, England.
They only scare people about the virus pandemic but still allow people freely to do what they want without any restrictions (as the time of this writing).

– Group 2 are the stupid nations who do not believe in humanity, who do not believe humans are God, they still believe “human” must obey other deities/gods, or maybe they tried to follow the Bible prophecy, the list of nations is too many like China, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Germany, etc.
They forced people to do this to that with many restrictions from must wear mask, to testing and receive vaccine.

The end result will be very clear: the group 1 will survive while the group 2 nations will 100% going to vanish and disappear.

Because Gautama Buddha is a clear example of the true human identity is all gods, and not need to “follow, obey” others.

Speaking of society life system evolution, the reason I called it as outdated is because the people who in charge of government do not know what is the divine purpose, what is the ultimate final objective.
They only focus on financial money wealth and matters they can see with their own eyes.
Here including various subject such as “moral”, such a “good and bad” as well.

The “gods” who was giving humanity tools such as language, religion, machine, technology has finished their mission and no longer directly help humanity anymore, at least in term of knowledge, wisdom of life and what should do next. Maybe they only can be acted as referee because they do not receive any benefit by telling what human should do anymore.

The sad part is all nation governments do not willing to learn new stuff, do not willing new knowledge of life, they only care about their image, their position and would rather let’s the people die than losing control/power.

I was given many opportunity via online internet which is a fair equal chance to all nations but none of them believe or test out me.

If the Gautama Buddha can only directly help a small amount of nation in a small location, then me the Messiah Buddha with the help of “technology” internet able to help all beings all nations no matter where they are. But none of you believe and have faith in me.

The divine power will do everything to “help” the people out of the corrupt government like in many dynasties in the past. They know everything about the corrupt virus pandemic event and now all they do is waiting for me before destroy the stupid beings/governments.

Once the final opportunity from mine is closed after I fully offline and disconnect with you guys, the super mega natural disaster will appear.

If you do not know how to “upgrade” the national government system, I can help with knowledge wisdom and explanation, but only if you guys open your mouth and ask, otherwise, there is no way I can tell what you should do with the outdated system.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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