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Date Posted:07-08-2021 3:08 PMCopy HTML

The Virus COVID Pandemic Winning Conditions Does Not Even Exist So The Ending Will Be Epic

The shit show corona virus NCOV COVID is keep going.
What is the winning condition for so called diseases virus pandemic to end?
Well, it does not exist.
Unlike other diseases where you can see real symptoms in human body, the COVID does not have one. All it have is via the media and government announcement.

If the COVID is a real threat to human life, you would never seen any kind of protest on the street.
If COVID was some kind of fungus then even you pay money, people would not stupid enough to go to the street in many cities.

And if you want to real prove the COVID is not about human health, then all you need to look up is the Japan and use your common sense, use your brain to analyze, not “believe” in your government.

The pure fake virus pandemic is not for education either, because it would go difference way by now.
Do you see the vaccine work? Of course not, because their purpose is killing people by inject toxin ingredients.

The main purpose is taking people “signature” via signing and through testing.
Then they can use that for any secret experiment or whatever rituals, you will never know.

The ending will be epic, because the winning conditions do not exist so there are many way of ending this event such as the unmask of many corrupt national government to the collapse of many nations, many new nations will be born.

By trying to “control, enslave” the rest, people who know this scam event will “pray” and “ask” the ultimate “God” to help, then many crazy weather disaster will come. And the unseen secret life is work beyond what you see in real life. The signal was sent not only by thought, etc.

The result you will see is many natural catastrophe, mega disasters like the one in Europe, China recently.

Sorry folks, the virus pandemic has nothing to do with the Messiah, you guys better forget about that, just believe and see the life result. The secret controllers are doing for their own survival by killing other people, and they will gone soon.

Anyway, if you still alive to see the end of this virus pandemic, then everything is possible, all kind of national government with their deities think can get away from it? Sorry, that not going to happen after the my deadline.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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