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Date Posted:19-08-2021 8:06 AMCopy HTML

The True Name Of The New Corona Virus NCOV COVID Is Individual Evolution-Or-Die Virus

No matter what the secret societies/group or governments or any gods/deities are trying to do, it is all useless for the new corona virus NCOV COVID, whatever you want to call is about individual evolution/ascension. You guys cannot “defeat/kill” that new corona virus NCOV COVID by “community” or “better together” strategy/method.

The pure bullshit COVID event is wrong at the “testing” alone, because you cannot detect that tiny COVID inside human body because it can hide in deep organ or any where from head to leg, the size of human body is many trillions bigger than that virus, so it is too stupid too think you can “trace” that virus by just a little test through mouth or whatever method.

The next rubbish about this scamdepic event is vaccine do not working but they still keep promoting it, how fuking idiots and lying to the whole world.

Maybe it is all wrong from the beginning since “new corona virus” is always the “old corona virus”, but because every beings/things always evolve every moment, so you can call all as “new” virus for whatever purpose.

You guys can try, you guys can hope for miracle to come, but the fact is the new corona virus is always about individual evolution/ascension journey, no any entities/deities/beings can defeat that whole giant “COVID unseen ghost”.

If you guys do not change the daily life policy/system for the better, fairer and give people more choice, then the natural catastrophe and mega disasters will come shortly and for sure.

This is my last words for that stupid NCOV COVID event.
I wanted to help you guys but you guys too stupid to realize or willing to learn new knowledge, so the natural force will 100% come to destroy that pure darkness mindset.

And for anyone who want to evolve/ascend, then do not wait for your government or any group come to save/help you guys, you better open your mindset and learn new things, otherwise you will gone.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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