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Date Posted:01-08-2021 11:58 AMCopy HTML

The Reasons You Must Not Obey Any Beings, Entities, Deities, Gods But Live On Your Own

If you want to evolve, if you want to have a better life, if you must stop obey any beings, entities, deities, gods.

Life is a two way street, there is no any free lunch from any beings/entities.
All kind of entities/gods who ever helped humanity and give humans any kind of lesson, education always receive it own benefit, but humans may not know that.

You are your own God, you are not a animal who only know to blind follow and listen to others.
You have ability of “God” which is creative, imagine, thinking, judgement, etc.
History is history, the most important is the present moment.

Follow any beings or join any group not going to help you in the long run and will never ever help you understand the secret of life, the mystery void. So you should get out of any group and even stop worshiping any kind of gods/deities.
That is include all kind of national gods/deities as well because they are not that smart, all they have is some small power and hidden ability activated, which any humans can do.

If I reveal the secret of human hidden ability hidden power, then it would take few hundreds words for any human to understand and activate that powerful force.
But since no any nation have faith in me and that is not the ultimate purpose of life, then I would not waste time to talk about that.

The only way to give you a better life is you must believe in yourself, you must use your own mindset to think, to judge, to creative, you must stop follow any entities but live on your own !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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