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Date Posted:13-09-2021 2:48 AMCopy HTML

The New Special Happiness Money Will Lead The Life Evolution On Earth

In real life, you have the sun energy and moon energy, the male and female.
But in real society, you only have one type of money issued by the Government to the public in an absolutely force way.
That’s lead to chaos and trouble of life, that’s lead to trade war between nations, between the people as well.

In order to solve that’s conflict, there must be new type of money in life to balance the current one.
I call is as the Happiness Money.
Some special feature of that new money like:
+ Using rule: only for donation, give away others at free will of each people for various reason like bring joy, bring fun, make them happy, etc. not allow to buy/sell/trade.

+ Print, issue rule: print by each national government but the amount of happiness money will decided in the most fair way depend on each nation, but there are two major way:
– All the people at certain age (or meet certain requirements) will receive same amount of money every month or year.
– The people will have equal opportunity to “draw” the amount of money in an range quantity like from $1 to a million by physical dice box and/or machine technology.

+ Exchange rule: people can only exchange the happiness money to the current fiat paper money via official national government channel, all kind of black market or people to people are not allowed.
The exchange rate could be either fixed rate or flexible rate or event using “luck draw” by people as well.

That’s some basic example feature from me, the full details will depend on each nation.

The benefit of the new happiness money:
– Create a new massive giant industry to educate, to learn, to “make” people joy, happy and “make” the happiness money as well.
– Help people live a life with more moral, more joy.
– End the trade war between nations because now the real price of each products won’t be fixed but have an additional random factor as well.
– Educate people about unseen life knowledge and many other new things.

The current system is outdated because the people in the authority who made the call of how money will issued based by gambling style, by feeling and not in the “correct” way or divine way.
By having new happiness money, you will able to make life more balance, more fair and fix that dictator problem, since the luck of life the wealth will now also depend on “random” divine factor.

That is the way to end to on-going conflicts between nations in the survival battle of life.

You guys can think, can analyze this solution for whatever amount of time you’ve like.

This special idea and invention belong to me the savior Messiah Buddha.
If your nation, your government want to use this idea, you need my special permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Re:The New Special Happiness Money Will Lead The Life Evolution On Earth

Date Posted:17-09-2021 2:37 PMCopy HTML

Some Update Based On Current World Situation: For everyone have easier to understand about the new money happiness note, it is similar to the “government bond”, but with some special twist to help government receive more real fiat money back from the public. Example: The Government can allow the public buy the new virtual bond “happiness money” with some special cash out rule from fixed rate to random drawing like casino, etc. There should be “issue” timing and “cash out” timing per calendar. In order to make it work and gain the trust from the public: Firstly, the government must use the reasons like to help people recovery from the virus pandemic, to reduce the corruption issue, to have better life and equal opportunity for all (you may not born from rich family but all of you have same chance to become millionaire over night with zero risk). Secondly, set new rules allow people able to pay tax or any fees which sent the Government in both either new happiness money or fiat money (upon their choice), but they must either draw or with fixed rated 1:1 or up to each case, etc. Thirdly, allow people exchange freely like any foreign currencies, but not allow using it to buy/sell/trade items/goods/services in daily life. Frankly, that is not moral action but compare with the on-going fake virus pandemic, it is still much much better. Overall, if the government can issue the treasure bond note to the public, so they must able to issue new type of bond under new cover to help them save the government bank/funds, unless they are too stupid !!! Hail to the King, yet? Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The New Special Happiness Money Will Lead The Life Evolution On Earth

Date Posted:18-09-2021 3:23 PMCopy HTML

Update: How The New Happiness Money Will Solve The Global Economy Trade War Easily Now you have 2 type of money paper on the economy system: – Fiat money (backed by physical natural resources, now the only currency in trading). – Happiness money (backed by trust between the people, soon will appear, allow freely to choose). The new magic happiness money is very special, because the exchange rate between people from each nations will totally depend on free market (if that nation allow people to buy/sell/trade with foreign goods). There are a lot of options for each nation to choose from: – Option 1: In nation + out nation: fiat money. – Option 2: In nation + out nation: happiness money. – Option 3: In nation + out nation: fiat + happiness. – Option 4: In nation: fiat ; out nation: happiness. – Option 5: In nation: fiat ; out nation: fiat money + happiness. – Option 6: In nation: fiat + happiness ; out nation: fiat. – Option 7: In nation: fiat + happiness ; out nation: happiness. – Option 8: In nation: happiness ; out nation: fiat + happiness. Then you have about 200 nations at the moment, you can set each specific rule for each nations for any reason from debt, exchange rate, culture, etc. I am not good at math but there are at least 1600 possibility of exchange between nations in the new economy system with the appear of the new Happiness Money. And of course it is much better than the only 1 way of exchange at the moment via fiat money. All nations will have their choice equally so no one can blame each others like what going on in the world. It seem the 7th seals finally opened completely. The meta of the game has changed, and completely like an new game and all nation will start at the same point. Welcome to the new era, new life on Earth ! But do not forget to receive my special permission first because I am the author and also the only mortal human know when and how to implement it safe for all ! Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:The New Special Happiness Money Will Lead The Life Evolution On Earth

Date Posted:21-09-2021 7:27 AMCopy HTML

Update On How Governments Can Use The Happiness Money To Truly Help The Public People So far, I have shared a pretty much perfect solution so help all nations to solve the so called money/wealth problems, no matter whether they are “rich” natural resources or “poor”, old or new, big or small. Unless that your national government made up of super evil bad beings, otherwise there is absolutely no reason not to implement and use my strategy/method. My vision is very big and above system will last for at least 1000 years. If you ask what next after solve the problem called money/wealth, then my answer is that it is depend on each nation ideology of life. The ultimate goal of life is evolution/ascension, and the duty of national government is help the public to do that. Here is both physical body and unseen mental mindset knowledge/wisdom. No matter whether your nation is old or new, the goal is always help people to archive that. The physical body problem of humanity in general is because they are eat too much but do to little exercise. Life will become better if they keep the current diet but increase the physical activities or reduce the diet and keep the current daily working habit. That’s the main objective around physical human body. But since you cannot use the fiat money to “reward” the people freely, so the only way left is using the virtual bond new happiness money to encourage people to live more healthy, to active, to think more via various way like competition, challenge, games, etc. While the problem around spirituality, the unseen mental mindset of knowledge/wisdom is much more difficult. And even if I talk about is now, nobody would believe it, so I won’t talk about is. It is not about moral, it’s about real life experience and education! Many national governments are making big mistakes, they are not evolve but devolve. Evolve: When the society head back to the stone age society, where very little to no rules, that’s what is the origin of human society, that’s where when human are living like Gods. Devolve: When the society live like animals such as monkey, gorilla society. Sadly most nations are heading to this way. But because of the level of the people are always not on the same page, so you need to separate them by city/town/nation level and allow people to choose where they want to live, to study, to experience. The new happiness money will able to solve the physical body problem and will make a better fairer world. You live to save your nation and make sure it stay alive today, you do not waiting or planing and hope it will last the next year or so. Because you will never know how the divine force work. If you just blind trust and follow above strategy my advice, your nation will 100% survive for at least the next 20 years or so. Of course I can give much more details and my visions about the future but since no any groups or any government believe in me, so I won’t talk anymore. Best Regard, The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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