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Date Posted:02-08-2021 5:39 AMCopy HTML

The Elites, Secret Controllers & Their Boss Are Mad Because They Cannot Predict The Future Anymore

If the corona virus NCOV COVID pandemic event is a desperate attempt to “control” the rest, then it still going to fail fore sure.

Where is the gold standard prophecy and other one from your “boss”?
It not happened for a reason.

With the current development of all world wide event, I can say the so called “elites” and secret controllers group and their boss are losing.
They cannot predict the future anymore because the seed of the infinite life was already plant by me the savior Messiah Buddha.

Even many “gods/deities” in Japan knew it, that’s why they must change and switch the era to Reiwa few months after I came online and talked.

But many beings/groups/deities still do not understand it, and they are still trying to “fight” to “enslave, control” the rest. That is why you see many stupid actions from many national government such as endless lock down, restriction, vaccine mandate, etc.

In the battle of mortal beings vs immortals beings, there is no need to tell who is the final victory.
The question now is how many people will be saved after the stupid beings going to be fully vanished !

I have planted the seeds of the infinite worlds around the globe for over the last 3 years or so.

The time for the elites, secret controllers and their boss/deities is nearly end. If they do not wake up within the next 20 days, all of them going to be vanished to dust by divine forces and the public people very soon.

I don’t need to repeat what the Bible prophecy talked about the end time: only the one who believe in the Messiah will be saved and enter the eternal life, while the rest will be vanish.
Because only me the savior Messiah Buddha know how to “enter” that secret eternal world of life.

Do not waste time, energy and cause more chaos in life for it like attack your own self.
The only correct way to “save” you from the matrix is listen to me the savior, there is no any other choice. If you do not try to verify me but do on your own, then you are the one who going to vanish !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Chirst Buddha

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