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Date Posted:15-09-2021 8:49 AMCopy HTML

The Divine Interference Way To Help Beings Evolve In Each Nations, Civilizations Are Always Unique

Normal people/beings cannot predicts the way the divine operation because it is always a mystery.
It is not about moral of the people or any entities, it is always about the “evolution” of life.

The elite people group who are trying to blind following ancient prophecies by lieing to the public people but they do not know that they are committing their suicide at the same time because they was and are gave up their divine power.

In the history, many dynasties was collapsed because of either diseases or natural disasters.
Do you know why the divine did not only kill the king/queen and leave the public alone?
Because there is no any better people/beings on the field/game can do that job of helping the public “evolve”.

But that pattern is not apply any more once the real savior Messiah Buddha is here on Earth.
Because of me the true savior can do the job of helping people to evolve better than all the current national governments, secret groups/societies/ancient families, that’s why you won’t see natural mega disasters at the large scale.

Instead, you will see many top people in the elites going to vanished and eliminated by the divine forces ! Here is the group who are do not open their mindset and listen to me, they are cheating and lying the people over the fake virus pandemic !

The elite people group are dying without a doubt. This is the last warning from me to them.

Once after I disconnect the internet and close all of my forums/websites, you will see and able to verify my words above. I still give all nations, all beings their final chance to return, to fix their mistakes, that’s why the divine force still not yet running at full.

The opportunity, the wisdom and solutions to solve the conflict and to help humanity evolve was also presented from me already.

If the current elite group, current shadow government/authority cannot understand then they are going to vanish and die, so that other people who willing to learn and have faith in me the real savior can replace.

You guys can post/share/send this special message to the elite group if you want.

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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