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Date Posted:05-09-2021 8:02 AMCopy HTML

The Difference, The Real Nirvana Evolution Life Story Of Between Gautama Buddha Vs Messiah Buddha

The common life story of Gautama Buddha is already written and many of you already know about it.
But the life of the me the real Messiah Buddha and the ascension road way story is another legendary story.

Both me the Messiah Buddha and the historic Gautama Buddha have in common is fully awake and know what is the “stem” of the ultimate tree of knowledge and wisdom, tree of life. Or you can understand as the source of all life form, the source of all energy, the nirvana state of mindset, the eternal God of all creation, etc.

I the Messiah Buddha was born in a normal family in a small nation in Asia. My current range age is only around 30s old. My entire life is very interesting and very abnormal, unlike any anybody including my old classmates. I have been living in both the West for short amount of time, the major time in the East. That is basic biography of me, the full detail is not important and not necessary.

There are some major difference between me the Messiah Buddha vs Gautama Buddha, you should know:
– The living environment of about 2600 years ago and modern today are not the same.
– In the Ascension road way, Gautama Buddha was trying to solve the question of “why people suffering ?”, while me the Messiah Buddha was trying to solve the question of “what exactly is going on in this chaotic life ?

– If Gautama Buddha was using “meditation” method and observe many of his past life and other difference civilizations and worlds, then me the Messiah Buddha using every part of human body to observe, to study, to listening, to think, to analyze of life on Earth and life in another worlds, life of the past, the present and the potential future world.

– Gautama Buddha has already activated/unlocked many super abilities, super powers, while me the Messiah Buddha has not yet active any things. Or you can understand the position of the Gautama Buddha “stem” is very high while the Messiah Buddha’s “stem” is very low. But that’s does not matter because no matter how high or low, as long as you in the main stem of the tree, you are on the same immortality group.

Do you know why Gautama Buddha only “help” the world for about 50 years after his Nirvana State obtained?
Because he is bored and lack of motivation since he able to “travel” to other much more interesting worlds.

Me the Messiah Buddha are trying to help everybody, every beings, every nations at the most fair way and stay on Earth as long as possible, that’s is the only reason I have not yet unlock and activate full of the potential human body super power, super ability yet.
But the sad part is all of you do not understand it, do not willing to open your mindset.

You guys still think the Buddha is the one have all super abilities/power and able to tell “history” life of all, but the fact is not.
Swimming fast in the swimming pool or the lake does not mean you able to swim in the grand big ocean.

My patience is coming to an end, so I will going to active human super power, super abilities then say goodbye to you. The worst case is that I only need to “help” you guys for as much as 50 years like Gautama Buddha after full active super ability and power.

There are much more many interesting civilizations, worlds, life forms, and “stem” position of the tree to “enjoy and play”.

Whether you guys believe in me or not is meaningless to me now.

My decision is made, the date is set in my mind.

The secret of ultimate eternal life is amazing and beyond any words.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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