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Date Posted:05-09-2021 3:34 AMCopy HTML

The Characteristics Difference Between Nirvana Beings Vs The Rest Others

As a nirvana beings who have fully obtain the ultimate goal of life, today I will share with you some information about the characteristics difference between 2 major group beings in life.

The nirvana beings characteristic:
– Fully know and understand the source of life, source of all energy and beings.
– If all life in the Universe is a big tree, then the nirvana beings already find out and fully know what is the only stem of that tree.
– Do not fear of death because they know the ultimate secret of life about it, thus archive the immortality.
– Respect others and do not “access” to others’s past life or try to influence others by any method, unless it is really important to them (here I mean the one live near them).
– Know the limit and what is enough, what is “fair” play, fair life.
– Chasing the technique not the power or speed.
– Able to deal with both the yes and no scenario, the real or the fake information.
– Open mindset and willing to learn new things if it is really interested subject to them.
– Unpredictable.

That is the major characteristics of nirvana beings and mine as well.
It is pretty much opposite with majority of the rest.
The rest, the mortal beings still do not know what is the “stem” of the ultimate tree of knowledge and wisdom, they are still “assume” this that of life and living in illusion with closed mindset.

If everybody was born and start the same point as “leaf” of tree, then some will find small branch of tree, some will find big branch of tree, the location could be high or low.
But the ultimate goal is find the main stem of tree. Most beings still living in the matrix because they do not willing to learn new things and listen to others, instead they are “assume” the big branch they have found out is the “stem” of the tree.

You will know the tree of knowledge and wisdom and archive the nirvana state of mind if you able to find the main stem of tree.

It is hard to “satisfy” everybody because everybody is not in the same position same level, that’s why I can only sharing fair article to all beings.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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