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Date Posted:03-08-2021 3:27 AMCopy HTML

Many Beings, Entities Using Super Ability, Power For Wrong Purpose, You Must Be Very Careful

Do not obsess with all kind of super power, super ability because they are not the metric to determine who is the “stronger” in front of the ultimate God of all life.

There is only two level of beings at the highest level of life:
– The first one is group of people/beings who do not yet escape cycle of death and rebirth.
– The second one is beings who have already unlocked the secret road way with the source of life and reach the Nirvana state.

There are some secret you should know about that:
– All kind of beings including mortal people or super beings have the same equal opportunity to obtain/reach the Nirvana state.
– You cannot know who is the one is immortal and who is not, no any beings can “prove” that. Only them know because that is the secret connection with the mystery void (aka the source of all life form).
– All kind of super power super ability such as fly, teleport, see/talk with ghost, read other people history or other people mindset, etc. do not tell whether a beings is immortal, reach the Nirvana state or not.

But many beings do not know that fact and are beings blackmailed by others.
And many beings also with little hidden knowledge about ability/power was and are using it for wrong purpose and deceive a lot of others.

If you want to increase your chance to reach the Nirvana state of life, you must not follow/listen to any beings with abnormal ability.
You should only activate hidden God ability once you fully know and understand theory of life, because the more ability you have the more trouble appear at the same time.

Do not fear, do not obey, do not follow any beings with super ability for they are not better than you.
Be careful,

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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