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Date Posted:03-09-2021 2:01 AMCopy HTML

If Humanity Want To Defeat The COVID & Evolve, They Must Use Proactive Herd Immunity Strategy

Human body is a miracle of life and strong enough to eliminate all kind of virus if you understand how to using it.

If the COVID can evolve like the media said with many new variants, so the human can evolve as well.

There is more than 1 way to produce “antibody” (or whatever you would like to call) to “defeat” the new corona virus NCOV COVID SARS-COV-2.
What are you seeing on the media about “vaccine” like the only way to “save” you from the COVID is just pure rubbish, stupid method.

There are many thousands different kind of virus in life and many of them was infected human body and got defeated.
Ask yourself, how many “vaccine” you ever taken since you was born ?
Did you take thousand kind of vaccines for each every virus yet ?
No, because of your human body is strong and able to produce “antibody” by it own to fight the virus itself. That’s process called as human “evolution”.

The difference between human immunity self antibody vs vaccine is not the same.
The vaccine made in lab house work like 1 key 1 lock, it do not know how to “upgrade” with new variants.
While the human immunity system work with method 1 key defeat all locks, and able to learn and only need to add small amount of additional ingredients to defeat the new variants type of virus.

The strategy to defeat the new corona virus COVID SARS-COV-2 is using proactive herd immunity method:
– Step 1: Select “strong, healthy” humans via various metrics.
– Step 2: Let’s that group “live, hit, breath” with the SARS-1, original corona virus.
– Step 3: Direct head to head battle with the new COVID or SARS-COV-2, to produce it own antibody via various environments testing.
– Step 4: Observe the “conditions” and groups to see which one is the fastest way and.
– Step 5: Let the people know, back to normal life.

That is the proactive herd immunity strategy you should be use now.
The difference between proactive and passive strategy is very clear and you can see the different by yourself.
The passive herd immunity let’s the people “live” and “die” on it own, while the proactive way will let’s the strong people go first then “share” the reward “antibody” with the weaker one.

If you treat SARS-COV-2 as a level 2 virus, then the level 1 virus is SARS-1 and original corona virus.
By fighting/live with the level 1 virus, your human body will able to adapt and produce it own antibody with much effective way for higher virus.

All kind of COVID vaccine are pure stupid and undermine the power of human body.
The more you use vaccine, the more stronger the virus become.
Just like some “worms, insects” can “defeat” the pesticides in farming agriculture.

Having your COVID vaccine does not mean you are “safe” from COVID.
The only right and correct way to know who is really “safe” from COVID is let’s them “breath”/fight with COVID and see whether they are fine or not (2 weeks is enough).

The bigger picture beyond the COVID event is promoting healthy life style and diet to the public.
Most people now are eating too way much and beyond what they really need (most adult people should only eat less than 1/5 amount of foods).
The strong, healthy person must be the one eat less but still able to do the same amount of work.

Example: only drink pure water in 24 hours, to only eat 1 kg of fruits/vegetables to whatever other kind of diets.

Overall, the proactive herd immunity method is the best strategy now to end to COVID SARS-COV-2 event. This special method work not only for the COVID pandemic but will work well for any other future virus pandemic as well.

If your nation or you group want to use my strategy, don’t forget to receive my permission and license.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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