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Date Posted:04-09-2021 2:42 AMCopy HTML

Humanity Must Evolve Because The Connection Mechanism Between Human Body & COVID Is Similar To Computer Hardware & Software

The clearest example can help you to fully understand the working connection between human body and the new corona virus NCOV COVID SARS-COV-2 is computer hardware and software.

Here each human body is a separate hardware computer, while the COVID SARS-COV-2 is a “virus toxic” software.

As you can see in the media, the SARS-COV-2 is always “upgrade” and have newer version (more stronger more dangerous) over the time.

There are two kind of major problem can lead to your computer (your body) do not function properly: one is hardware, and two is software.

And the real life virus diseases is also running exactly like that: where the “diseases” you can see with your own eyes and verify is the one with clear symptom such as measles, varicella ; and the second type is the one you cannot see such as COVID, season flu, etc.

If you have computer hardware problem, you must fix it by hardware method, cannot fix with software.
If you have serious software problems, you must fix it by upgrading to “stronger” computer hardware or “reset/re-installed” operation system in completely.
But if for some reason you cannot re-installed the operation system such as do not have original OS driver software, then the only option left is “upgrade” the hardware.

The only software problem can stop your computer running is “overload”.
You need to think COVID like a dangerous application that’s use a lot of hardware resources for whatever purpose from access to many websites to mining cryptocurrency at the same time.

But that’s COVID is smart and always upgrading overtime but the original structure is still come from the old one.

SARS-1: Access to 5 websites.
COV-1: Mining one type of cryptocurrency coin.

SARS-COV-2: Access to 10 websites and mining 2 difference type of cryptoccurency coin.
Then you have other variant type like delta, mu, etc. with stronger one like access to 20 websites, mining 3 type of cryptocurrency coin at the same time.

All kind of vaccine is useless for this type of problem because vaccine is working like an “overclock” hardware one. No matter how you clean your fan or using the bigger fan size, it never be enough for the root problem is because of your hardware computer is not good enough.

The structure of any kind of software are always the same: the original + the plus upgrade.

So if you want to prevent the COVID SARS-COV-2, you must “learn” the original version one first, which is SARS-1 and original corona virus COV-1.
And the only way to really learn and upgrade your human body hardware is direct “hit/breath/live” with it for small amount of time.
By doing that, your human body will know the “original signal” to eliminate the newer version one.

History already told you via Spanish flu is that the only way to end the unseen virus pandemic is archive the herd immunity.

Only stupid idiots beings think using the vaccine that solve the seen diseases measles, varicella like can also work with the unseen virus like COVID, and the result already told you via real daily life.

All kind of tracking, tracing, social distance method are absolutely useless and waste of time because the “malware” COVID not only come from human but can also come from animals, insects, etc.

The same result will occur with the virus COVID SARS-COV-2 event as well.
Unless the whole society obtain the herd immunity through natural human evolution, otherwise there is no end !

Yesterday I have presented the proactive herd immunity strategy already, today I only explain more for you have better understanding of the current “war” you are dealing with (if it is really true like the media said).

Whether it real or fake, I do not really care because I am too strong and able to deal with it !

The only winning condition is defeat the virus head to head, the faster the better, you cannot waiting the unseen enemy come to your house !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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