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Date Posted:08-08-2021 8:32 AMCopy HTML

Do Not Blind Follow Any Prophecies Because It Shows You Are Stupid Like Animal Beings

The truth of life is everything is exist at the same time: the past, the present and the future.
All the prophecies are just some tiny events in that unlimited matrix life.

A fortune teller said “you are great, you will become rich in the future, etc.”, but if you only waiting then nothing is become reality.

Many groups with animal mindset are blind following ancient prophecies are in fact committing suicide because they do open their mindset to learn new things, they are waiting like the animals waiting for their master.

But only the fake master will “help” them because they need something in return from human.
While the real master will never help human directly in person because they knew the true human potential.

It is hard too understand for even so called “guru” with super abilities/power, let’s alone mortal humans because all of them was blind followed others to gain this or than position, they did not really know the secret of Nirvana State.

I highly recommend you guys to stay away from all kind of groups, entities and live on your own instead because at the end of the day you will still either die or will have much higher chance to evolve than the one in any kind of group.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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