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Date Posted:02-08-2021 3:32 AMCopy HTML

Corona Virus NCOV COVID Is Each Individual Problem, You Cannot Kill It With Collective Method

In the world of endless possibility, if there is a so called NCOV COVID Gods and all nations was and are still trying to killing it completely using collective method.

Well that’s theory is very good because the China Communist regime is collapsing, and some so called spiritual performers, shaman or even deities/gods with super power/ability may aware of that “COVID gods”, and they think they can eliminate that “dark” beings with collective method, rituals , etc.

That’s is why you see some useless COVID testing but the main purpose is collect everybody “signature” and “connection”. Next they using the media and vaccine just to try access to other people body.

No matter what they were and are trying to do, they cannot “kill” the COVID gods because virus is part of life. No matter what form you seen, they are just the illusion of all virus collective in general.

If you guys continue using cheating collective method to “kill” the COVID gods, you only going to bring more trouble of life just like the floods in Europe, China recently.

No matter who you are, even super powerful deities/gods such as Shiva, Quan Yin, etc they cannot fully “kill” the full COVID gods for all people, because that is part of each people body already !

From my view, the COVID is just the represent of the society and people problem.

The only correct way to solve the COVID problem is have a new, better society life system and give people education so they can self evolve.

Whether you believe my words or not, it is up to you.
But you must using common sense and see real life result instead of blind following any entities.

Do not listen to my warnings, when the deadline come many super gods will going to eliminate all the corrupt public and shadow leaders to dust, who are making a wrong call of lock down, vaccine, restriction people life.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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