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Date Posted:20-09-2021 1:02 PMCopy HTML

Clear Example Of Why Staying Out Of Society Will Increase Your Evolution Successful Chance

The world, the society you are living in are lead by mortal people/beings, they do not know the secret of life, what is the real purpose of humans who are living, what is the source of all life form.
That’s is why they cannot help you to reach the ultimate goal of life.

The down fall, the chaos worldwide will only increase everyday and to some point in very near future, the deadly result the collapse of many cities, nations will 100% occur.

If you need some easy example explanation then I will give you:
In real world, you can see in sports, there are many different level of competition from professional to semi-pro to amateur. Why that? Because bring balance and fair game between players/teams.
You cannot put the top players/teams and force them to play with newbie players/teams because it is only boring and nobody going to watch.

In video electric computer games, there are many thousands different games, people choose the game they want based on their own level of the body, habit or point of view. You cannot force them play any specific game for whatever reason because it is only going to cause chaos.

Back in game of life on Earth:
Everybody have it difference own level and play it own game of life, based on the living condition of both inside and outside their body.

But now the decision makers which are mortal beings and the elite group are telling and forcing people to live the way they want based on their own deadly mortal level of ideology.
Of course many people are not stupid and very well understand that point, that’s is why the “new” team/group are fighting back hard.

The only right way to do is allow people to choose the game, the life they want.
But because both team do not either understand or make the right decision, that’s is why the deadly collapse is going to happen in near future 100%.

You should stay out of the current society to save your self and increase the chance of evolution.
The ultimate purpose is not to finish and completely any small games of life on Earth, but to figure out the mechanism and know the secret of how to defeat all game in all dimensions of life.

Unless you see the big society change like the plan/policy I have shared, otherwise stay safe and silence is better !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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