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Date Posted:05-10-2021 4:02 AMCopy HTML

Bye Bye, Farewell To All !

It has been a journey for over 4 years.
The most important mission and hidden duty which is setup the framework for the new way of life on Earth, the new society system is done. This one is the toughest because it affect the entire society and all the public people.

At the same time I also gave opportunity for the “rich money” people group and also the poor as well a chance to receive direct final destination knowledge of life without the need of research, but no one took it.

So it is the time for me to say good bye and farewell to all.
I am no longer have any interested with this civilization anymore.
You guys can continue keep money, gold, silver in your bank and wait for “free lunch”/free help from your dream, then die, I am no longer care.

The time for the divine natural gods has come.

Do not try to connect, make any more donation and find me, since I am no longer use those emails/wallet anymore.

The Savior Messiha Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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