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Date Posted:06-08-2021 5:00 AMCopy HTML

Apocalypse Is Coming, Stay Away From Big Cities & Avoid The Media

Many destruction gods is angry because of small group of beings are cheating, killing others.
The corona virus NCOV COVID has absolutely nothing to do with diseases.
The main purpose is collecting people “signature” via signing on paper and via testing.
I don’t need to describe more about how the corrupt of those stupid beings are.

But if you want to save yourself, you must stay away from big cities, avoid the media, and have some lifeguard/swimming jacket on your house. Because the destruction gods is bringing and transfer the water from ocean to many big cities, especially the capital one.
I mean capital one here is the true headquarter of national government where the top decision makers are living, not the public one.

Do you know the recently 1000 years flooding in China is targeting directly to the real shadow capital of China, where many top decision makers are working and living ?!
The Beijing in China is for the public because it has history, nothing more. Where the real capital of China is in the Central area.

I don’t care what they the cabal are thinking, but they are committing suicide.
The end of the COVID pandemic will be epic, many national government going to be collapse and disappeared, everything will be brought to light for the public.

If you wonder why floods but not earthquake or direct killing, then my answer is that is the easiest and safest way for the “gods” to do. So you should have some swimming wear/tools to safe your life in the worst case.

I can only give equal opportunity for all nations and all beings via the internet.
My patience is running out, I need to stop using the internet so that all the destruction gods can do their job freely.

I will be offline and disconnect with the internet within next few weeks, there is no reason for me to online anymore.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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